Halima Seemba, the reputable fashion designer, comes from a family with a strong tradition of woodworking, as her grandfather was an expert in this craft. He specialised in creating sailing boats called "Jalbout," which were used for carrying goods for exporting and importing in the old times. Halima inherited her grandfather's creativity, and she now uses artificial wood to create interiors specifically for events.

Halima's father also had a significant influence on her upbringing. She admired him for his ability to draw floor plans, and he was eager to teach her and her siblings to keep daily journals. He even created a room filled with crafting books, materials, sewing tools, drawing markers, sketchbooks, and drawing papers. Additionally, he stocked a cabinet with books for them to read and a special shelf with all types of sweets and chocolates.

Halima's creativity extended beyond woodworking as she recalls spending time shaping clay, cutting glass bars, and weaving to create small accessories such as wallets and jewellery boxes. These early experiences sparked her passion for crafting and design, which she continues to pursue to this day.


Sewing, Fashion passion & Art

Halima Seemba is a talented individual with a passion for art, fashion, and design. During her childhood, she spent most of her time indulging in creative activities such as drawing, painting, and crafting. In addition to her regular school activities, she also learned how to cook, sew, and design interior garments like pillows and appeals. Halima also participated in various art activities, including architectural drawing in Sharjah's Childhood Park, such as Almajaz.

As she grew older, Halima's interest in fashion illustration grew, and she began developing her ideas for designs. She started attending calligraphy school activities, drawing and sketching human bodies, and designing outfits. Her mother was a significant influence on her style, and she admired her mother's classic round neck dresses with embellished embroidery long sleeves long maxi. Halima took inspiration from her mother's traditional way of wearing loose-style abayas and the style of Jalabiya dresses from "boat sail."

At the age of 12-14 years old, Halima's mother took her and her siblings to an atelier, where she designed her first outfit using a 3-yard fabric mixed with silk magenta, inspired by the first support she got from her mother. The outfit was a buffed classic arm, layered shoulder with pleats, cut slim waist, and fish cut. Her love for fashion and design continued to grow, and she kept illustrating ideas until she finished high school, where she had to focus on grades.

After her father passed away, Halima visited college with her sister and saw groups of girls holding cameras and microphones cables, which piqued her interest in learning about cameras. She explored on her sister's desktop computer, drawing directly with no prepared pencil sketches, a landscape coloured drawing, which led her to take her skills to a digital level. She enrolled in courses to learn Visual Communication, Graphics Design, Multimedia, and Media production.

Overall, Halima Seemba's childhood was full of artistic endeavours and creativity, which shaped her love for fashion and design. Her mother was a significant influence on her style, and she drew inspiration from traditional women's wear such as loose-style abayas and Jalabiya dresses. Her passion for art and design led her to pursue a career in Visual Communication, Graphics Design, Multimedia, and Media production.

Halima's fashion store is a reflection of her childhood and her love for design. The colour theme of the store is inspired by her childhood bubble gum pink colour and the pink magenta she used in her first dress, along with the black colour of her logo. Her logo is inspired by her father, who taught her and her siblings how to write journals and made a room full of crafting books, materials, and tools.

Halima's fashion boutique is not just a store; it's a space for other small businesses to pop up and showcase their products. Her vision is to create a community of like-minded individuals who share her passion for design and creativity.