Meet Halima Seemba, a fashion designer and influencer who is known for her exceptional skills in graphics designing, videography, voice-overs, and PR consultations. Halima is also a product reviewer and a role model to many in the fashion industry. Her expertise in media planning and strategy, branding, and website development has made her a renowned media and communications expert.

Halima's journey in the creative industry began in her early years in secondary school, where she actively participated in designing posters, motifs, floral designs, and drawings for student activities. She incorporated this passion into her profession and has since then been designing corporate identities, logos, and advertising videos for startups and brands.
Before graduating from college, Halima had already begun organising events, and her skills in media planning and strategy for content and marketing led her to work for government age.

Halima's diverse background and expertise have made her an exceptional fashion designer and influencer. She uses her talent and knowledge to create stunning designs and generate content that resonates with her audience. Her ability to incorporate her passion for graphics designing, videography, and event planning has made her a well-rounded professional who always delivers the best results.